About the Hosts

More than Sultry Voices

Josiah Mory

After 10 years of touring and gigging in the music industry, Josiah left behind his bass guitar and moved fully into the world of software development.

He quickly saw the similar distribution of logic and creativity as is found in music, which drew him further into coding.

Currently, Josiah is working for BuildFire.com, a platform app developer, as a Developer Advocate. Josiah still works with Ruby some,, but is currently exploring Javascript's Es2015 features, Node and React.

Twitter: @kickinbahk


Jason Small

Jason is a software developer who has primarily worked with PHP for the past 10 years to develop different sites for the automotive industry.

He recently has started some additional projects that includes the manipulation of multiple files, which gave him a reason to start working with Node and Javascript more.

Sean Hornsby

Sean is a fullstack developer, currently working with a startup in the Orange County, CA area. He got his start going through FreeCode Camp, then through Orange County Coding Bootcamp.

Sean works mostly with Node and is recently working through React.

Twitter: @mushiwolf